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"Sanity&happiness are an impossible combination."

Ask me anything~

ughhhhhhhhh in a bad bad bad mood. can it be friday alreadyyy T_T

— 11 months ago

This is the best semester I’ve had in a while! (academically) SO happy :) I’m glad I ended it strong even though I struggled in the middle. NOW I WANT TO CELEBRATE YEEEEEE

— 1 year ago
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Jason Mraz - I Won’t Give Up

On repeat while studying.. I wish I had someone to not give up on though………….

lol.. jaykay no time for that! gots to get my study on!

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damn it i can’t sleep.. too much on my mind >__< i’m nervous for my presentation tomorrow ahhh

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The Walking Dead

I’m going to start watching The Walking Dead. I hope I don’t just blaze through it like I did with American Horror Storyyy. I should have savored every moment with Tate :’(

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My Dharma Word

"Not seeking for name, fame and gain. Live your life according to circumstances. How long can an illusory body last? Why worry about trifling matters?"

I must say that I’m very happy I visited the Hsi Lai Temple today. It was a great first experience, and I really hope I’ll try to be content and satisfied with my life from now on. I don’t want to get upset over unnecessary things anymore. It only hurts me more and it’s a waste of my energy. I want to concentrate on more important things in life..

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bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit

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I wish you cared, but of course you don’t.

— 2 years ago

some. people. are. fucking. stupid.

don’t talk to me, dumbfuck.

— 2 years ago